Emily Joye/EJ is currently a full time trainer with the Center for Diversity and Innovation. 

She is an alumna of The Pacific School of Religion and Catawba College. EJ was

ordained to pastoral ministry in 2010 and served as Associate

Pastor of First Congregational Church of Battle Creek from 2010-

2015. She currently works part time for Allies for Change and

White Men as Full Diversity Partners.

Her work as a facilitator, counselor, chaplain and pastor have

convinced her that the beliefs and behaviors that most threaten

us as individuals, cultures, society and species can be changed--

but only with a lot of intentional unlearning and relearning,

relentless honesty, relational and communal accountability and

intimacy, compassion, forgiveness, and most importantly, love.

EJ is part of a blended, multiracial, multigenerational, queer family

that continues to blow her mind and heart wide open. She loves

collage, painting, cooking, deep ecology, writing and dancing.